Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Donate your bicycle or bicycle parts

If you are cycling in Ladakh, and don't want to bother carrying back your old mountain bike to your country, we are really happy to accept them as donation, repair them and rent them out.
You can donate your bicycle to our non-profit bicycle rental shop, or we offer you a scheme to provide any time in the future free bicycle rental at our shop in exchange for your donation. If the bicycle is prepared for long trips, we might also be able to pay you some reasonable price for them.
As it is very difficult to get spare parts in Leh, we are also very happy to accept some parts donations from tubes to tires, cables, chains, pedals, etc.
Ask at Mountain Trails, 50m up from Dzomsa shop in Leh.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Skander cycles is up and running in 2010

Our shopkeeper volunteer for 2010 summer is Igor. Please find him at Zik Zik guest house or Mountain Trails Travel Agency, 50m up from Dzomsa shop in Leh, or call him at:+91 96 2298 2189.
He is a reliable bicycle freak, provides meticulous maintenance for our bicycles in Leh. He can give you travel advice, arrange permits and help repair your bicycle.

Donate by renting a bicycle!
80% of our income goes to charity. We support the restoration of Zangla Palace in Zanskar and teaching at local school through Csoma's Room Foundation.
We support installation of solar cookers in remote villages of Ladakh through Julay Ladakh NGO.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Volunteers Wanted!

We are looking for volunteers for the period of 08. July - 30. September 2008.
The shortest period of stay: 1 month

- good knowledge of bicycle parts and maintenance

- good level of conversational English, other languages an advantage
- communication skills
- experience in bicycle touring, especially in Ladakh an advantage
- experience in volunteering an advantage
- ability to work alone

What we offer:
- accommodation
close to Leh, meals 2 times a day
- workspace in a well established Guest house in Leh
- free bicycle to use, when there is bicycle available
- study tours to different NPO project sites
- 80% of the guiding fee, if hired for a guided tour

What you provide:
- your own transportation to and from Leh from your country of residence
- your own insurance coverage
- daily expenses during the volunteering period
- 10 hours of availability, up to 6 hours of work/day, 2 days off a week

2008 will be the trial period for the sustainable bicycle rental project. We need volunteers who are independent, have a passion for bicycles and would like to be a part of a new sustainable project within the network of similar initiations.

Please send a short CV, a motivation letter and your picture to:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

About the bicycles

We try to select some bicycles that have already proven their capabilities on some trips. We prefer chromoly frames for their strong yet flexible behavior on long trips and for their comfort too. We try to avoid shock absorbers as their maintenance is difficult to provide in India and they are not really needed.
The frames come from Japan and from Europe after careful selection, mainly from the pre-mass production era. The parts also come from the classic 7-8 speed era. They are sturdy, reliable and affordable, satisfying all the needs of a long bicycle trip. The racks are good quality Minoura racks from Japan. We try to stock up on the most necessary spare parts, in long terms we plan to open a professional bicycle repair stand in Leh as a sustainable development project, providing training for local staff by a volunteer.

Skander Cycles Ladakh

We are specialized in long trips. Most of our bicycles will satisfy your needs for daily use and commuting too, but they are ready for long trips on rough terrain as well. When you only have a few weeks of holiday, you can enjoy what bicycle touring offers without the hassles of flying in your expensive touring bicycle. You will save your baggage allowance for more important equipment.
We can help you organize your dream trip through the never-ending mountains of the Himalayas by bicycle, or by a combination of bicycle, horse and jeep.